The #MASTERPLAN; this did not just start yesterday …..

Former White House physician says Democrats should follow through on cognitive demands and test Biden

Jackson said Trump set a precedent in taking a cognitive exam and says Biden should do the same

The masterplan’s wheels are now in gear and beginning to move forward. This did not just start yesterday (J J’s), mental condition. We do not have to be a Harvard graduate to have seen that J J (Jokin Joe) has been on the decline, getting worse and worse for years. What more of a perfect arrangement could the far-left dumb-ocrats/socialist have struck than finding fool that was willing to sacrifice himself for THE PARTY.

As I alluded to many times before; J J was the only one the dumb-o-crats (not so dumb after all) could CON into be the sacrificial lamb; willing to go to the chopping block sometime after he won the election. Plan being; by eliminating J J; Car-mella will slither over to the #1 seat with Nasty Nan squirming into the # 2 seat. That will have made the MASTERPLAN complete.

Ladies and gents; your #1st #female #black #president is not far down their dirty road. What a scheme. As diabolical as it is, we have to give them credit for be very slick and calculating.

I have no problem with a black president (IF QUALIFIED); what I do have a problem with, it is the conniving way they went about it. Car-mella was selected because THE PARTY thought she was the most appealing to the public, not because she was most qualified.

It is a shame that this is what we have regressed down to in politics; not being the most qualified/capable, BUTT being the most physically appealing.

We have to admit; to some fools the old broad has a lot of appeal, with that shit eating grin.

A phony – is a phony – is a phony ….

Posted on 07/03/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

That being said; the old cliche (the strong will survive and the weak will parish) is very prophetic; regardless of what side the winner is on, being good or bad people, the fact still remains ……..

Get used to that pasted on phony grin. I have a feel we will be seeing a lot more of it through the years.

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