Make up your mind girl????

Old Gwen Berry photo of her holding American flag goes viral amid anthem uproar

Berry on Tuesday said that all she has been trying to do was stand up for ‘her people’

Flag-snubbing Olympian’s ‘activist’ image in question after 2016 picture with Old Glory emerges

If Berry’s motivation is to stick-up for her people and get them out of the rut they are in; she and all of her comrades should start by stressing EDUCATION instead of demonstrations.

Education meaning the proper way to live ones life and be a productive citizen of the country. That should being at birth instructing ALL people how to eliminate or cut down on the crime rate. This is an issue I rarely hear any of the black communities leaders speak of.

There are some very good role models lie Hershel Walker – Denzel Washington and a few others that are realists and recognize the root of the problem. BUTT, the vast majority keep their heads buried in the sand and will not address the black crime rate for fear of being ostracized.

Even the most elementary shrink will tell you; the ONLY way to correct a problem is to 1st recognize it and then get to the root of it.

People like Berry are living in Fantasyland if they think that the crime rate in the black community is not the primary root of the racial issues. No crime – no cop intervention – no abuse.

This generation and the ones that came before it are pretty much set in their ways and I do not see them making a drastic changes. The solution is; the kids that are coming up now are the ones that have to be (for the lack of a better word) indoctrinated as to the right path to a productive and successful life. BEND THE TREE WHILE IT IS YOUNG!!!

The only thing I can predict with 110% surety; the path we are crawling down now is not the answer to racial harmony. Unless change are made on both sides of the fence and co-operation between races is achieved; the USA will will be playing this same old pathetic song for centuries to come.

People like Berry and Kaper-dick are absolute fools. They want to keep stirring the shit pot and are being counterproductive by their misbehavior.

People; you want peace, start with EDUCATION from birth!! This means ALL OF MANKIND. If not, STFU and keep killing one another. Great example to the kids.

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