Where would we be without them….


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Mostly everyone in the world takes things for granted . Turn the handle, water comes out – flip the switch, the lights come on – go to the grocery store and for the most part, the shelves are always full.

The majority of the people in the world never stop and think just how all of our necessities come about. We ALL should be very thankful to the farmers of the world. Little do most people know; farming, especially in the old days, was one of the hardest occupation a person could have. They are extremely dedicated people.

Take dairy farms: Cow do not know and do not care if it is Saturday or Thursday, they want to be fed and milked. The farmer gets sick; what does he do, put on another jacket and scarf and get out there milking.

A special tribute to the farmers should be given for their hard work and dedication.

Hooray for Farmers! (Bumba Books (R) -- Hooray for Community Helpers!):  Waldendorf, Kurt: 9781512414776: Amazon.com: Books
Three cheers for the farmers. Without them we would not exist

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