If now more that ever ….

State TV: North Koreans concerned over Kim Jong Un’s ’emaciated looks’

Hyung-Jin Kim Associated Press


Now more than ever; the world should be on high alert just incase The Kid Dick-Tator may want to make a spectacular exit and hit the red button if he knows he is cashing in. I would not out it past him; if he knows for certain he is on his way to the Big Rickshaw in the sky he will want to make an everlasting exit.

Rickshaw | vehicle | Britannica

Probably all the egg roils and expensive vino The Kid puts down on a daily basis is taking a toll on him.

There is one thing that has always confused me about the people like his father and granddaddy that claim they were god. If there is a god, don’t these grifters know that gods are not suppose to die. Gotta get the fable right if they want it to be believable.

It is extremely hard to believe the gullibility of the N K people. I guess when a person is brainwashed from birth; what they have been taught is all they will believe.

The act that they are expected to put on when one of their leaders is sick or dying is almost humorous.


I may suggest they are driven by fear of not conforming and the reprisal that will follow rather than the performance they put on.

Word to the world’s leaders: KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE HOG AND YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER; as a just incase.

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