What to do 101 COURSE if stopped for a traffic violation ….

Illinois trio charged with beating, strangling police officer over traffic stop

Aurora Police chief said she will not allow city to become place ‘where criminals feel emboldened’

What did these 3 thugs do when they were pulled over for the driver sliding through a stop sign??

From left to right, Jennifer Taylor, Sheba Taylor and Paul Sherrod.

Naturally; they beat the shit out of the cop and did a George Floyd on the cop; then kicking, punching and stepping on his neck so he could not breath.

What would have probably cost only a few dollars for a traffic ticket; now this unprovoked stunt is going to land these three thugs in the slams, right where they belong for a number of years.

Respect for the police has sunk to a new low in the USA. Many of the fools that have a distain/hatred for the cops, blame ALL the cops for the ignorance and abuse of a few. Most of the offenders have NO PERSONL axe to grind with the cops, they are just ignorant sheep following THE ASS-A-9 MOVEMENT over the cliff.

Incidents like this only add gasoline to the racial fires. Do some of the people in the black community justify what these thugs did because they are black?? It would not surprise me.

When we ALL come to the realization that everyone in this country, present and past, realize/admit that all people are only responsible for what they do/did, not what someone’s ancestors did, the sooner we can put this racism in the rearview mirror.

If was a betting man; I would wager that these three thugs have someone in the family that has broken the law in one way or another. Are these three thugs responsible for their actions?? Hell No, just like one cop is not responsible for another’s.

With incident like this and so many other, peace among the races is a long way off.

Why was this cop beaten, because of what some other cop did?? Crazy incident like this only incite them give other thugs the idea and fire their ignorant ass up; this is what to do when pulled over for a traffic violation.

Hatred in the USA is off the charts. It does not have to be like this. For a few ignorant fools on both sides of the fence, we are paying a very costly price.

When we ALL come to the realization that everyone in this country/world, are only responsible for their actions, present and past, the sooner we can put this racism in the rearview mirror. With confrontations like this being any everyday occurrence, I think it still is a long way off.

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