Does that surprise anyone?????

Biden praises Harris for ‘great job’ on border despite taking months to get there

Does that surprise anyone when a guy who is in Syria thinks and says three times he was in Libya?? J J probably does even know she told him to FO when he gave her THE WALL assignment. He may think she was there and back already.

Stammering Biden confuses Syria and Libya | News … › Independent TV › NewsJun 14, 2021 — US President Joe Biden had a senior moment during a G7 press conference on Sunday as he repeatedly confused the Middle Eastern country …

When are they going to pasteurize this guy?? The only problem/the solution to shit canning JJ may be worse than the our current conditions.

Future # 1 and # 2 – a match made in hell

I can’t wait until J J awards Carm the Congressional Medal of Honor for her bravery in combat.

Heaven help us!!!

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