The real tragedy is; they go nowhere ….

Google’s reported ties to Wuhan linked scientist points to one of the ‘biggest scandals’ of our time: Hilton

The report, Hilton said, only lends further credence to his belief that Big Tech had been personally invested in silencing COVID origins speculation

“It’s a really shocking story, and it just adds to this increasingly big mountain of evidence that we have got a massive establishment cover-up going on because the people at the heart of this know what they did.

People like Peter Daszak, people like [Dr. Anthony] Fauci himself who, of course, initiated the work that Daszak then sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to make bat coronaviruses more airborne and more transmissible and more infectious to the human respiratory system – [a theory] we now know as the most likely origin of the pandemic,” he continued. “They’re covering it up because they know they’ve got a guilty conscience.”


As the lab-leak theory continues to gain support among health experts and prominent politicians, Google has been working around the clock to “squash that explanation” and “try to direct people towards what they call the ‘natural origin theory’ — for which there is literally zero evidence,” Hilton explained.

Even more pathetic; with all the accusations and finger pointing going on we NEVER know who is the biggest bull-shit artist is. On top of that, with great exception, we rarely see any legal actions taken against anyone that sits on the higher branches of the sanctuary tree. It is all lip service.

Bird Shit Policy Deployment |
Only the little birds get shit on and pay the price

Day after day – time after time we hear and read about improprieties/crimes connected with the #upper-echelon-special-people; day after day – time after time, the accusations go nowhere. The name of the game they have been playing for decades and getting away with it is; lie and deny. Only is extremely public situations where the evidenced is overwhelming is there any action taken.

I would conclude the birds on the bottom branch are sick of the only ones getting shit on.

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