Will Kimbo cut his lifestyle …..

Kim Jong Un admits North Korea is facing ‘tense food situation’

Foolish question: Will Kimbo (AKA The Kid-Dick-Tator) cut into/tone down his lifestyle, share some of his wealth to help his people overcome their starvation problem?? Don’t hold your breath.


While his people are dropping over by the thousands from malnutrition; Kim continues living large like everyday is his last day on earth.

Inside Kim Jong-un’s lavish lifestyle from Ibiza-style island to …https://www.the-sun.com › news › kim-jong-un-lavish-life…

Apr 30, 2020 — Inside Kim Jong-un’s lavish lifestyle from Ibiza-style island to millions blown on lingerie for twisted ‘pleasure squad’ · Nuke-proof palaces and a …

Watch: An insight into Kim’s extravagant life | Kim Jong Un …https://www.youtube.com › watch2:30

In this video watch, an insight into Kim’s extravagant life. In 2016, Kim spent $95394 on German wine. Kim …May 2, 2020 · Uploaded by WION

In one of their more recent starvation periods in the 1990’s; while The Kid and his family were was gorging themselves, it is estimated that 10% of the North Korea population died from lack of food and medical attention.

That equates to: in 1990 the NK population was 29.20 million people – 10% of that would be 2.9 million people died for lack of food and medical assistance. Who BUTT a certified crazy man would stand by and allow this to happen.

All it would take to end this horrendous nightmare that exists in NK would be for The Kid to sign on the dotted line and put an end to the sanctions. Being the egomaniac he is; I doubt if he will ever capitulate and give up his nuclear weapons.

Being the egomaniac he is; it would not surprise me, if he knew he was going down the tubes/on his way out, he would push the RED BUTTON as a going away gift to the world. What would he have to loose??

If nothing else tells the demented/psychotic nature of The Kid; it would be his unwillingness to get in line with the rest of the world, if for nothing else, to save his people. He is one cold blooded sons-a-bitch!!

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