Cuomo sold Wolf Ticket and they bought them …..

CNN’s Chris Cuomo roasted after asking for examples of his bias as critics dig up multiple instances

Cuomo was quickly reminded of everything from his big brother’s nursing home scandal to the Rebekah Jones ordeal

During an interview, Chris Cuomo the martyr tried to shine his tarnished halo and was quickly reminded of his bias and shenanigans.

CNN host Chris Cuomo set himself up for humiliation on Thursday when he dared a critic to name examples of times he denied facts that didn’t align with the network’s liberal agenda as viewers quickly brought receipts

A Twitter account with roughly 300 followers mocked Cuomo by saying the CNN host constantly denies facts he doesn’t like. Cuomo could have ignored the message but instead decided to engage with the unverified account.  

“Name one? Tick tock,” Cuomo, who regularly attempts to defend himself against online criticism, responded

Asking them to name one was not the smart thing to do. It seems that the Cuomo boys have a propensity of sticking their foot in their mouth and both have a high degree of arrogance. Cuomo opened a can of worms and they kept crawling out.

A Can Of Worms Idiom On A White Background Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors,  And Stock Illustration. Image 36779612.

Chris and his cousin Donny Lemonade have been walking the tight rope at CNN for years and must have someone by the short hair. Allowing them to come off as they do is a great indicator of just how liberal and one-sided the big wigs at the network are.

It is normal and should be acceptable for people to chose sides and have opinions in any questionable situation; as long as in the end, the truth is told. When any person has to lie or exaggerate in order to magnify/enhance their position, that is where the line should be drawn.

It is incredible that many, not all politicians have so much clout and are connected so well, they can do just about anything and get away with it. For all the evidence and accusations against Andy Cuomo, he is still beating the system by refusing to step down.

Then he has his bad new brother Chris (they are called the, YOU LIE AND I WILL SWEAR TO IT BROTHERS) that is just as out of line in the media industry; both seem to be protected and off limits to authorities.

It is despicable that so many people in the upper echelon can do what they want – when they want and not be held accountable. The power of money and connections. A little guy pulling the same shots as Andy would have been doing time months ago.

All of the attention they receive and the lack of responsibility they enjoy because of who they are and who they are connected with; is just fuel for their arrogance and just creates a bigger flame for their fire.

Mario has to turning over in his grave seeing what he produced.

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