No balls J J …..

Was I right again or what??

Biden calls Putin a ‘bright, worthy adversary’ instead of a ‘killer’ and warns US will ‘respond in kind’ to aggression while taking questions from ANOTHER list of pre-approved reporters

I think the word adversary could have be left out of the description, also the warning from J J as to responding in kind to aggression.

In the real world, something J J is out of most of the time; real men do not have to make statements/threats that should be a given. It is not necessary to tell someone; if you attack me, I will kick your ass, that should be an accepted standard. People including J J (Jokin Joe) do not like to be threatened. Some things are better off let unsaid and taken for granted.

In my opinion; a lot of the dialog that comes out of J J is because of his lack of polish/class. He is a very crude individual and a lot of what he says is attributed to his arrogance and stupidity.

Just like in his debates with PDT when he told him many times to SHUT UP. I wonder just how casually he would take someone telling him to shut up. Not only is an insult to the person, BUTT to the office they represent. It is a sign of ignorance.

Walk softly and carry a big stick is one of the formulas to being a great person/leader. Does that tell us anything??

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