He is not prejudice; just hates white people …..


Multi-state shooting spree was racially motived, suspect was targeting White men: report

Gunman allegedly said, ‘I had to have him,’ about one of the shooting victims


Police: Suspect admitted to targeting White men in multi-state shooting spree

Now I AXE you; what kind of feelings should white people have about this piece of trash??

I try to separate my hostilities from being logical; BUTT cases like this make it very difficult.

That does not mean I hate all black people because of this fool. I know many many stand-up black folks that are a credit to themselves and their community. What I am saying; anyone with any sense has to be suspicious or uneasy when in certain environments.

Jesse Jackson’s message is too advanced for most – Baltimore …https://www.baltimoresun.com › news › bs-xpm-1993-..

.Dec 3, 1993 — Consider this statement: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start …

Short and sweet of it: Jackson was walking down the street late one night, hear some foot step behind him , got very nervous, looked around, then said to himself; thank goodness they are white guys.

I know there are psycho bastards in every race, BUTT one thing people should admit to; there is just as much prejudice in the black community as in the white, if not more.

If Jackson can have a mindset such as that, who can blame the white people for feeling the way they do??

Very sad all the way around. Will we ever see the end of this nasty road?? Probably not as long as we have degenerates on both sides of the fence not willing to do their part to put out the racial fires.

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