Stuttering and double-talking ….


Car-mella doing what she does best

That pasted-on/automatic grin of Carm’s is about as phony as she is. Her AUTO-SMILE sure has a lot of people fooled. She is about as deceitful as they come.

When the reporter tried to put her feet to the fire, AXING why she hasn’t visited the boarder as she was ordered to by J J some 80 days ago; her jibs got tighter than a frogs ass.

Trying to shift the blame off of herself and her PARTNER IN CRIME; Car-mella said she wanted to go to Guatemala to see where root of the immigration problem was. All she had to do is look at the guy sitting next to her and she would have had her answer.

J J Opened his big mouth as he is so used to doing, with an invitation to all that the boarder door were open, only to get back at Trump. She didn’t have to spend millions of taxpayers dollars on a worthless show and tell trip.

The problem does not lie where the journey begins, BUTT where it ends.

The Biden administration opened one of the biggest cans of worms and dose not know how to shut it.

If the millions of people that voted for J J do not feel like fools and they have been duped, they should. If you want to do a look-back, we can say that he lied, cheated and bull-shitted his way into The Big Chair. Along with that baggage, he bought himself a big headache dragging Carm along.

In life, we get what we pay for and this country is sure paying big time for their foolish mistake at the polls.

If a guy buys a cheap suit, it is not too long before the sleeves begin to fall off.

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