Political Ponzi Scheme ….


I coined the phrase POLITICAL PONZI SCHEME sometime back, labeling the hustlers behind it as members of the subversive political group that was organized for the purpose of conning the hell out of people into believing the founders are sincerely looking out for the LITTLE MAN’s benefit. That is all horse shit. As any fool know; the ONLY winners in a Ponzi Scheme are the top birds.

IRS Leak: Famous Billionaires Pay Less Tax than Working Class

They do not get any higher up on the Ponzi tree than this avowed socialist Soros.

What we have here is a guy that made billions in the USA; BUTT is doing everything in his power to bring down the system that made him so wealthy.

The despicable people involved in this movement are bound and determined to destroy democracy in the USA and implement socialism; all the while taking advantage of all the liberties this country has to offer, Soros is one of the leaders of the pack.

In all fairness I can’t say I blame him or anyone else for playing the system. If the tax loop holes are there, why not take advantage of them.

The craziest part of many regulations/laws; the people that write them are the people and their cronies that most benefit from them.

As that colorful, unscrupulous boxing promoter would say; ONLY IN AMERICA!!

Don King (boxing promoter) - Wikipedia

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