Best move the OLD AGE HOMERS made in years …..


Another Victory at the U.S. Supreme Court! In fact, a unanimous ruling by all Justices that those who Illegally enter the United States will Not be rewarded with a Green Card. To do otherwise, would be like rewarding a Bank Robber by allowing them to keep the loot they had stolen. The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) wrote a “friend of the court” brief on behalf of Americans and Legal Immigrants. It is a good victory and may send a message to those who enter illegally will not be rewarded for their crimes. In fact, no one should be rewarded for their crimes as it hurts our beautiful country. Let’s keep the United States of America safe and free for Americans and Legal Immigrants. #homelandsecurity #DHS #safetysolutions #safetyfirst #americafirst

They say; ANOTHER VICTORY, when was the 1st one??

I am thrilled that the court finally made a senseable decison. Even if it took years to do it. Even Mr. Turtell would get exhausted from the boredom.

Saving turtles together – AZA SAFE American Turtles Program

Talk about a LOCK on a job!! Lifetime appointment; that should be illegal.

This is where most of them wind up like Willian O’ Douglas because they do not want to give up their positions of power.

William; blink once for yes and twice for no.

10 year appointments to any government job is way too generous.

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