Don’t tell me there is a common-sensed judge out there ……


Appeals Court Blocks Biden Admin From Prioritizing Grants Based on Race and Sex

LEAD SHEEP – J J (Jokin Joe)

Judge Amul Thapar, who wrote the majority opinion, ruled that the federal government lacks a compelling interest to use race preferences in awarding the grants. He also wrote that even if the government had a compelling interest, its scheme fails to be narrowly tailored to the interest because race-neutral alternatives exist.

“Because these race-neutral alternatives exist, the government’s use of race is unconstitutional. Aside from the existence of race-neutral alternatives, the government’s use of racial preferences is both overbroad and under inclusive. This is also fatal to the policy,” Thapar wrote for the majority (pdf).

Many of the fools that govern this country want to be A Joan of Arch and recognized as martyrs for THE CAUSE. In turn loosing all connections to common-sense. They want to be noticed by their peers as crusaders. Meanwhile, all they are, are a flock of lost sheep follow the 1st dummy by jumping over the cliff.

J J is at the front of the line leading all the others #lostsheep to their #metaphorical #deaths.

If everyone in the world finally comes to the realization, #ALL-LIVES-MATTER and not just black live, planet earth will be a much more tranquil place to live.

It #renews my #faith in some of the #judicial #system that there are judges that don’t have their heads up their ass and only view issue with #tunnel-vision.

Hats off to his honor for ruling with #common-sense instead of the #groupie-ism mentality

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