One word keeps them back …….

USA Today

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden haven’t yet visited the US-Mexico border. Texas officials are mixed on whether they need to.

It gets pretty bad when one of the super-lefters in the media USA Today gets on J J and Car-mella’s ass, putting the bad mouth on them for dereliction of duty, although it was very delicately done with kid gloves.

One word keeps them back from going to the wall. FEAR. FEAR they may be AXED questions by the media they have no answers for. ORRRR, AXED why the hell J J opened the gates the 1st day in office. If I had to guess, I would say that is his biggest blunder to date; BUTTTTT, he is just getting warmed up.

It has been nearly 2.5 months since J J ORDERED Carm to get her booty down south and get things in order. In those 74 days, she told the dude that is supposed to be her boss J J to FO. We all know who is really running the show; it is the one that wears silk panties. On second thought, that may include J J.

It takes a good/decent/honest/humble person to admit their mistakes and try to correct them. That excludes the above mentioned.

I don’t know if J J is smart enough to know; playing the game of GET BACK and doing something for spite, most of the time will blow up in your face.

By her refusal to follow J J’s orders, possibly Carm is trying to piss off J J, giving him a heart attack or stroke to enhance his demise and open her door to the # 1 position.


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