If and when – payback will be a bitch and severe …..

“Next time I’m in the White House there will be no more dinners, at his request, with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife,” Trump wrote in a statement sent to reporters. “It will be all business!”

This #multi-billionaire-girly-boy is not the only one on The Donald’s shit list. I did a number of post way back when stating PDT has a very good memory and is a very vindictive person.

Bannon Tells Trump: ‘Keep a Shit List’ of Republicans Who Opposed You ….

I am sure there are too many to count, BUTT I am also sure that The Donald has them all listed in numerical order according to the severity of their bad mouthing.

I would think that a #FOOL like the TAXI DRIVER has to rank up there as one of the most egregious and his side kick Sammy the Mouth Jackson.

29 Times Samuel L. Jackson Expertly Used The Word …www.youtube.com › watch3:42

Motherfucker…Welcome to Next of Ken and in this episode, we’re counting down 29 Times Samuel L. Jackson …Sep 2, 2018 · Uploaded by Next of Ken

These two idiots definitely are on the top of Trump’s #get-back/shit list. I did not see Sammy BOY make a move to the boarder.

As I alluded to many times before; when PDT was a civilian and doing business, he had droves of ass holes standing in line to #kiss-his-ass. BUTT as soon as the parade of #idiots began to form, all of these fools wanted to be part of the movement, not to be #ostracized.

I have my doubts that PDT will run again; although he is making a lot of noise. I learned a long time ago to; NEVER SAY NEVER.

As far as the billionaire #Facebook fool is concerned, he is just a #poor-little-rich-kid that hit the Mega Billion.

As we all know, #lipstick does not look good on a #pig.

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