Dr. Fauci Admits To Funding Bat Virus Research At Wuhan Lab, Says NIH Funneled $600K Over 5 Years

How many more issues was PDT right about??

“About $800,000 was allocated and about $600,000 was spent over a five-year period, no more than that,” Dr. Fauci explained. “That comes to anywhere between $125,000 to $150,000 per year that went into collaboration with Wuhan.”

Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone that Fauci and his organization would fund a country that can buy and sell the USA 10 times over. What other hidden secrets are stuffed away in Fauci’s closet??

The VERY sad part of accusations involving the HIGH ROLLERS, they will never see the inside of a courtroom. How much finger pointing have gone on in the last few years that involved the beautiful people, especially high ranking politicians and their families, including J J (Jokin Joe) NEVER did and will NEVER came to any kind of justifiable resolution??

The bastards have a lock on secrecy and finger pointing. They ALWAYS blame the other guy, take the 5th 1,000 times, or deny – deny – deny or refuse to answer the questions.

Why the hell are deliberate acts of defiance/denial accepted in the judicial system where the money boys are concerned and not for the average citizen that is accused of a crime?? Talk about double standards.

If there were some nefarious acts behind Fauci’s funding the Chinese, they will never see the guy wearing the black robe.

My intuition is pretty good and I do not like what I see in Dr. Fauci. He appears to be an opportunist to me, scooping up all the $oldi and publicity he can.


This is what Fauci funded.

Try to digest this ……

Rep. McCaul Says The Wuhan Leak Is ‘Worst Cover Up In Human History’

“It just came out where three of the researchers came down, were hospitalized with flu-like symptoms consistent with COVID-19 in November of 2019,” McCaul went on to say during the interview. “The Chinese Communist Party covered that up. They detained any doctor talking about the SARS-like virus. They destroyed lab samples. They would not admit to human-to-human transmission. And then it became a global pandemic. My sense is they’ve destroyed everything at the Wuhan lab.”

“Well, I know this administration certainly won’t do [fire Fauci] because they buy into the ‘anything we can do to protect China’ narrative,” Turner stated. “And we’ve seen that from this administration repeatedly. The only consistency we get out of Dr. Fauci is, of course, inconsistency. But this administration, even if they found the smoking gun, is not going to hold China accountable.”

You be the judge.


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