Dad of the month award …..

Folks; this is where it all starts; setting good examples for your kids at a very young age and practicing what you preach.

At a very young age kids are extremely impressionable. They can be molded like soft putty, either into something very beautiful or something very ugly. The people they look up to as role models are their guiding light and beacon in life.

Not always; but in many cases; if a kid is raised by a bum, guess how they will turn out. When a kid is raised with a father and role-model like Kory, they can write their own ticket in life. Sad to say, there are not enough fathers or mothers out there that are sending the proper message.

This Instagram posted by Kory Yeshua will stay with his daughter for the rest of her life. Hopefully his great example will rub off on many other, on both sides of the fence. Look around; we sorely need more of it.

For being THE MAN he is, Kory is awarded Man of the Month by the Goomba Gazette.

What a beautiful little girl and a great dad

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