Joey; clean your house first ….

Biden sends Xi, Putin warning while remembering son Beau, fallen troops in Memorial Day speech

Biden also paid tribute to his late son Beau

I can’t help BUTT wonder if J J reads the news or watches the tele?? By the way he is making demands of other governments to clean up their acts, one would think that the USA is a #utopia. He has a #lot-of-balls.

Dan Webster Quotes:

You have got to clean your own house first before you tell other people that they aren’t doing it right.

There are so many problems in the USA they are tooooo numerous to count or list. Instead of J J J (Jokin Joe) concentrate on them, he is worried about what other governments are doing.

I have a news flash for the lad. The other governments have been operating the same way for centuries and will not change anytime soon. Instead of coming up with solutions for the USA, our (or should I say the fools that voted for him) president is more concerned with what is happening across the pond. #TAFBJJ

Trying to change the systems of other countries is one of the main factors the USA has been involved in many different wars; and except for WW II, we got our ass handed to us in every one. The only people that benefited by these wars were #bastards like Cheney and his crew that made a fortune. That is another complex subject all together.

Message to J J and his crew on this Memorial Day. Before tell someone else to clean up their act; better look at the condition of the USA. Overall, it is #deplorable. That too is another complex issue all together.

How can we tell the guy next door to cut his grass when ours it 2 feet high?? How can we tell the guy up the street to paint his house, when ours is falling apart??

#COMMON-SENSE absolutely was NOT considered when the voters put their X in the wrong box.

I think it is admirable for J J to mention his deceased son.

On the other hand, I believe it is #appalling that he put his #stamp-of-approval on the shack-up arrangement between Beau’s slut wife and J J’s other screwball son Hunter. That just shows the type of morality the fool J J has.

It did not take too long after Beau’s passing that the #stone-bum Hunter was between the sheet with Beau’s #slut wife. I must say; that is about one of the lowest things I can think of.

This crossing the line of morality was sure swept under the rug. It is almost as bad as sleeping with your sister.

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