Is piece of trash going to easy on her????

Vice President Kamala Harris under fire for ‘disrespectful’ tweet

Social media users remind the vice president Memorial Day is to remember fallen soldiers

The broad does it deliberately folks; she knows exactly what she is doing. She knows she is bullet proof and The Teflon Doness, that can not be touched. Car-mella is no better than the any sandbagging government worker that fucks up time after time, knowing that she can not get fired.

It has been months that she totally thumbed her nose at J J and disregarded his order for her to go to the boarder. We all know who wears the pants in that family; only she wears the short ones.

Her total blatant disrespect of our military is just another in the long line of insults she has has laid on the American people since she hit the jackpot.

It is all about Car-mella; her and that #superficial/shit eating laugh she turns on and off in a split second.

VP Harris under fire for blatant disregard of service members this Memorial Day with all-about-me tweet
Here I am people

Folks; if you think that TMC had little regard for the American people, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

People like Car-mella, TMC and his crew are too ignorant to acknowledge; without the people that fought and died for this country; they never would have been able to achieve the heights as they have. All American people should show the military people the respect they deserve.

There is not one thing about this broad that is likable. Just think; if goes according to THE MASTER PLAN; it wouldn’t been too long before Car-mella will be sitting in The Big Chair and Nasty will be next to her in chair # 2.

Is there anyone in this country happy they voted for J J?? If so; you are going to get just what you deserve.

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