Country has gone completely nuts …..

San Jose gunman’s motive remains mystery after work site’s ‘whole shift’ killed

The motive for Wednesday morning’s horrible shooting tragedy in San Jose, California, remained a mystery overnight – after more sad news arrived late in the evening.

What are the answers to these tragedies?? Who the hell knows!! The ONLY fool-proof answer is; eliminate guns or at the very least, automatic weapons all together in our society. We all know that is close to impossible; so what is the answer??

Possibly there is no solution, but vigilance among all citizens to report any suspicious activities or behavior from an individual. BUTT, if there are no cops to report the possible crime to, then what?? Can play it both ways guys.

I do not have to go out on a limb to say; THE USA IS SCREWED. Because of years of neglect and the judicial system closing their eyes, crime has escalated to new highs we have never witnessed before, and getting worse by the day.

In my opinion; when any situation, big or small that gets completely out of hand to the extent there is no plausible solution; throw it all in the shit can, regroup and start over. Is it a tough and drastic way to approach a problem?? Hell yes, BUTT it may be the only answer.

The authorities should start from scratch and disarm all gangs and criminal elements in this country. Is it a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?? Hell yes again!! BUTT if that is the only solution, tell me what other direction to go.

After all the bad guys are GUN-LESS, than the law-abiding citizens must be compelled to to get legal as to what firearm they can own. Guys; as crazy as it sounds, that is the ONLY solution.

It will be a tough hard road to travel at first; BUTT if they (the criminals) get the word that Johnny Law is coming for them, eventually it will become easier.

Lets face it, the USA is at a tipping point in so many different directions, it is about to topple over. At this pace, we ask when?? Who can answer that?? No one, BUTT if left unattended, the day of reckoning is coming.

My heart goes out to all of the victims, their families and friends of this and other mass shooting.

Those who hesitate are lost.

Without law and order, rules and regulations, our country is doomed.

Put it plain and simple. Liver to some people is very distasteful, BUTT it is very good for their health. If the USA ever wants to get back to law, order, and civility, WE are ALL going to have to eat a lot of liver.

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