GMAFB Joey .. Some 8 year old kids can’t even tie their own shoes yet ….

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden says 8-year-olds can be transgender, despite increased rates of suicide

Propaganda by Facebook and Google keep Americans from seeing research into the effects

Some 8 years old kids can’t tie their shoes yet and according to J J are supposed to be mature enough to decide if they want a sex change. GMAFB Joey. This fool is getting worse and worse.

Ten years ago, #gender-dysphoria was a fairly short entry in abnormal psychology textbooks. It was a condition so obscure, that most people had never heard of it. That’s changed.  Why you may AXE??

Because #gender-identity and other #outlandish/social-behaviors are being #rammed down the young kids throat via media and the #idiotic #progressive thinkers that want to turn the world upside down.

The wack-jobs that control the media, the far-lefters and progressives do not want the kids to develop natural on their own and decide who and what they want to be at the proper time; they are force feeding them.

When a country has a permissive/pathetic president as we do in J J (Jokin Joe), we have severe issues.

Kids 0 – 12 are in the most impressionable stages of kids lives and they will believe anything they see and hear from someone that is of authority.

When parents like the Jennings allow their kids to be exploited as these fools did; I think it is despicable.

Jennings, dressed in LGBT pride wear, smiles to parade outlookers from a convertible car

How many kids were influenced by Jazz and her series?? How many were boarder lines cases and were pushed over the edge because of the series??

According to our wacked-out president. Eight year old kids are supposed to be responsible enough to make their decisions whether they want to be gay or straight. boy or girl. I do believe there are some very rare situations where this phenomenon exists; but I believe more strongly that young impressionable people have not matured yet and can be persuaded to go directions they would not ordinarily go based on the recommendations from fools like Joe Biden.

Bill Clinton told the world, oral sex was not considered sex. Because of his lying ass, the number of incidents sky rocketed.

Bill Clinton 15 Years Ago: ‘I Did Not Have Sexual Relations … › News › National News

Jan 25, 2013 — But the Lewinsky scandal remains the king of all American sex scandals. … When Clinton initially said there “is” no sexual relationship between him and … have claimed that extramarital oral sex did not constitute adultery—a …

Allow nature to take its course and permit the younger generation to make some of their own decisions when they are old enough and mature enough to do so.

Just to show how low society has sunk to; I will never forget the Despicable article in Teen Vogue about giving instructions on anal intercourse.

Visual and verbally depiction of showing/instructing young people and how to engage in anal intercourse. If that is not the scum-of-the-earth I don’t know what is. Talk about forms of scumbags who are as low as they can get on the decency chain.


Allow nature to take its course and permit the younger generation to make some of their own decisions when they are old enough and mature enough to do so.

If that is what freedom of speech and freedom of the press is; I would like to see them be modified to deal and conform it with modern day conditions.


There has to be a line in the sand drawn somewhere. BUTT THERE WON’T!!

SAD ASS world we live in, governed by some SAD ASS leaders.

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