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New book claims Obama was a ‘parasite’ who sucked the Democratic Party dry to get reelected

‘Obama never built a Democratic bench and never cared to’

In the book; it claims that Obama called Trump a fucking lunatic.


That lunatic as TMC calls him did more for the American people before breakfast, than TMC did in a month.

Not Lilly white Obama, (or at least half) would use that kind of language!!

It is long overdue that the halo be removed from around TMC head and see him for what he was and is. He is not as saintly as many people would like to believe. Barack Obama Celebrity Prayer Candle - Funny Saint Candle -  Former President Political Novelty Gift - 100% Handmade in USA: Home  Improvement
The man is anything BUTT

TMC is a silver tongued orator that plays hell with a teleprompter.

He was PLACED in that office by the heavy hitting people that want the USA to be a socialist country. I call it the POLITICAL PONZI SCHEME; where only the top birds reap any benefits.

They planted the seed with him, hoping to grow. It did not grow as fast as they anticipated, BUTT sad to say, they did gain a stronghold in America.

The black community were ecstatic when the votes were counted, believing he as going to take them to the Promise Land; at least that is what he told them. Were they ever disappointed.

Is African-American community disappointed with Obama … › world › is-african-a…

Aug 23, 2013 — History will remember Barack Obama as America’s first black president, but he has taken pains to ensure that race is an undertone, not a …

After the Obama disappointment, black voters want more than … › commentisfree › dec

Dec 5, 2019 — Obama made me feel hopeful until he didn’t. That’s why when Kamala Harris announced her race, I had to look carefully at what she …

He tapped a slew of characters including Erik Holder and Rham Emanuel that are as racist as they come. The meaning of politics to them was not for to represent ALL of the American people. 1st and foremost was to take care of themselves, attempt to turn the USA into a socialist country and then take care of the black community if they were inclined to. They did get # 1 right.

TMC enriched himself like nobody’s business. When he came to the Casa Bianca he was worth about 225,000.00$. When he got his hat and left office he was worth:

President Barack Obama’s net worth as he leaves the White ……

Jan 18, 2017 · Here is a look at Obama as he turns over the presidency, his net worth and plans for the future. President Barack Obama’s net worth: $12.2 million

Not bad for a guy that has a distain for the wealthy.

Not so much of what he did or didn’t do for the country, I sort of expected it. What puts a #fire-under-my-ass, all of the #bullshit he slung and many #desperate/gullible people were #drawn in. Best of all; he is still on the con making millions selling his snake oil.

He and his wife are among the top earners for speaking engagements. As far as I am concerned, The Man has noting to say I am interested in. It is all part of the con.

Just one of many:

Obama paid $600,000 for a single speech – World Socialist … › articles › 2019/06/20 › obam-j20

Jun 20, 2019 — Just last month, Obama was reported to have been paid nearly $600,000 to speak at the EXMA conference in Bogotá, Colombia. According to ..

PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS; I am sure, accommodations, biscuit and airfare.

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