What is the plan you AXE, he has none ….

Arizona sheriff slams President Biden for no ‘transparency’ at southern border: ‘What’s the plan?’

All we ask is President Biden to lead this issue, and we’re not hearing anything, Dannels tells ‘Your World’


The 1st thing J J (Jokin Joe) did when he got into office may be the biggest blunder of his presidency. What he did, he did for spite, and only to GET BACK at Trump. It back fired bigtime. He opened the flood gates of immigration at the southern boarder and the dam burst wide open and into the face of the country that will have to deal with it for eternity.

That GET BACK act of his so far has cost the country billions and eventually trillions. All because he want to, and was directed to GET BACK at Trump.

There can not be one sane person in this country look at this dilemma and say it turned out well. It is an astronomical disaster. This BOY can’t even get his sidekick Car-Mella to get off of her posterior as he ordered her to, go to the boarder and try to get the situation under control.

I say she is a lot smarter than J J is. If she does not make an appearance (she was directed to 60 days ago and still has not complied) she can not be held to task for an opinion. Another words, no one in that administration knows what to do or say about this catastrophe.

Payback can be a bitch!!

SOOOOO; the Sherriff from Arizona wants to know what the plan is?? They do not have a clue.

We can make a comparison of the two fools GWB – Cheney when they opened a gigantic can of worms by invading Iran ILLEGALLY under the assumption Sad-Ham has weapons of mass destruction. It was a war for profit and nothing else. They were told by their chief inspector, the guy they sent there to inspect, there were no illegal weapons in the country.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq | World …


Oct 07, 2004 · There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 1,625 UN and US inspectors spent two years searching 1,700 sites at a cost of more than $1bn. Yesterday they delivered their verdict The UN…

The dastardly dynamic duo went ahead and invaded, regardless of what the inspector told them, thus causing all of the problems we have today in the middle east directly or indirectly.

My comparison is; Sad-Ham had that part of the world under control. Everyone was fearful of the lunatic. How he did it is his own business. That was until the dynamic duo upset the apple cart and created what we have today. J J opened his can of worms by shit canning what Trump had in place, just for spite and that is the comparison.

Do we know the old cliche?? If it is not broke, don’t fix it.

In short, the Biden administration has no idea on how to remedy their disaster. What a leader Car-Mella is!! I pegged her ACT and that annoying smile of hers long before she was tapped.

Image result for kamala harris smiling
She sure has a lot of people bullshitted

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