And she calls herself a lady???

This is how uneducated – unrefined savages settle their disputes. Then they wonder why their kids grow up to be savages like they are.

Supposedly, the incident was on account of Emily Broadwater the victim pulled a chair out from under Brittany Kennedy.

Normally I would dispute that claim for someone to be so bold, BUTT after viewing the video, anyone as savage as Broadwater, I would not put anything past them.

Noone from the pizza shop came to the victim’s aid and if you notice, one of Broadwater’s homies held the door open as the savage pulled her victim outside to continue her beating.

To put the icing on the cake, the savage stomped her victim in the face twice while she laid helpless on the sidewalk.

Brittany Kennedy, 25, is wanted for battery in the brutal assault of another woman this week at a Little Caesars restaurant in Augusta.

I don’t care what color a persons skin is; savagery such as this should never be tolerated.

This entire assault took place in front of Kennedy’s child. What a memory this poor kid will have the rest of their life, seeing their mother being savagely beaten.

“My baby!” Broadwater cries in the video as she gets up, her face covered in blood. No one at the establishment was captured appearing to help break up the fight.

I do understand that most people are reluctant to get involved in situations like this. #1. they fear for their own safety. #2. they were not brought up to be savages and do not know how to deal with situations like this.

This is just another in the long line of incidents that will keep the racial fires burning.

Possibly, if this was reversed and the black lady took the beating, there could be serious repercussions.

Fools; you have to understand your kids are watching you. Great role models!!

It is very sad these conditions exist

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