So much more to being a Marine than combat …..


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Marine Michelle Klimarchuk’s dying wish was to see a Marine in dress blues one last time!

There is a hell of a lot more to the meaning of Semper Fi (ALWAYS FAITHFUL) than just being one of the best fighting forces in the world. For the most part; anyone that has the courage to weather the storm of Marine Corps Boot Camp, in my opinion is one stand-up person/solid individual. I say that modestly.

Read my book Sir Yes Sir. Marine Corps Boot Camp Parris Island 1958.

We are taught the art of killing people if we have to and help to save lives as well. Many recruits go into boot camp as frail little boys, and if they stick their nose to the grind stone and tolerate the D I’s fist, use all the training afforded them; they will leave boot camp as men and most importantly United States Marines.

The Gunny (Gunnery Sergeant) pictured above is a great example of what a Jar Head is; a real man, tough as can be, but just as soft hearted when it comes to compassion for his fellow man. He has the heart of gold, on the other hand, does what he has to do it the bell rings (duty calls).

My sympathy goes out to Michelle’s family and friends. She must have been quiet a character in her day.

Big Semper Fi and bless the Gunny with good health and a long life. He is what the USMC (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children) are all about.

Semper Fi

Walk softly and carry a big stick!!!

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