Democrats eye proposal to give some families $300 monthly checks

Where is the end to their insanity?? Now Democrats are planning to propose a bill next week to enact a long-term change to give those families a boost. That could come through monthly checks of up to $300 per month per child instead of one lump sum at the end of the year.

How much will this little pacifier cost the taxpayers?? Do the math.

CharacteristicNumber of children in millions
Ages 0-523.6
Ages 6-1124.4
Ages 12-1725

Jan 20, 2021

It is disgraceful what this piece of work that calls himself a president is doing to this country. He has made so many mistakes since he’s been in office, he thinks he can buy back the Americans confidence and popularity by giving each family $300 as compensation for each kid in their family. These fools will be banging out as many babies as they possibly. It is absolutely disgraceful. When the hell are the brakes going to be put on this fool and exposing him for the fraud he is??

This thing can go anywhere from 7,080,000,000.00 to 7,500,000,000.00 – is this supposed to come about before or after they pay out trillions on reparation. WTF do these fools have between their ears?? The same thing that is in the center of a donut; nothing.

How do we put the brakes on these mad-men and crazy women that squander money. It is sinful.

I have said it so many times; BUTT it is worth repeating. If these fools were coughing up their own $oldi on these whore deals, instead of eating @ Ruth Chris they would be stuffing their faces under the arches.

If they were paying their own hotel bill; instead of shacking up with one of their interns at The Four Seasons, they would be knocking at Tom Bodett’s place.


What more can be said!!!

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