Ain’t so Lilly white …

Bill Gates ‘pursued’ several women in his office during marriage to Melinda: report

It remains unclear how much Melinda knew about her husband’s alleged office behavior.

The board of directors at the giant corporation Microsoft gave the founder the boot and kicked his ass out the back door. I think it is overkill.

Is seems that Gates tried to open some other gates (use your imagination) with a few of the ladies that work for the company and some of the disgruntled ladies blew the whistle on him. We all know the rest. It will not be too far down the road when the accusing FLOOD GATES will open up.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Microsoft board members decided Gates needed to step down from its board in 2020 as they pursued an investigation into his alleged affair with a female Microsoft employee. Gates resigned before the investigation was complete. His spokeswoman said the affair was nearly 20 years ago and his decision to step down was not related to the investigation. 

How hard is it for any normal/average guy with a perpetual woody to keep their heads on right; let alone having 50 or 60 billion in their back pocket to play with, even if you are a homely looking dude like Bill.

JC didn’t do Bill any favors

I appears that Bill never heard the old cliche; never defecate where you masticate.

Bill would have been better off going out of the country where no one knows him and paying for some nookie. I assume he can afford the airfare. Being in the limelight is not all it is made out to be.

I think this harassment/sensitive issue with some ladies has gone too far. All a guy has to do is innocently tell a lady she looks nice and before they know it, they are standing in front of Judge Judy. It is nonsense.

With some ladies, if you whistle at them, they pretend to get pissed off, BUTT if you don’t, the get bothers them more.

Gotta wonder how many other ladies are going to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon trying to cash in on a tax free payday??

I am anxious to see how much $oldi Mrs. Gates take$ her hubby to the cleaners$ for. Mrs. Bezos nailed the shit out of her old man to the tune of ABOUT 58 billion, give or take a billion; making her the wealthiest women in the world. When a person gets up in that tax bracket, the M word i$ meaningle$$, nonexi$tent.

Will Bill miss any meals?? I doubt it. What I see is a very old Bill Gates sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth, passing the time away as a very lonely man. Even with his kind of $oldi, he can not buy off Mother Nature.

Not knowing the full story, I feel bad for the guy. He didn’t maul or rape anyone. I guess he has to pay the price for being politically/sexually correct. The movement has gone tooooo far.

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