Possibly I am missing something???

Biden’s bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s – with gas shortages, spiking inflation

Should it have been the responsibility of the socio/dumbocrastic party to make the USA a better place to live after J J (Jokin Joe) got the nod?? After all, that was their platform.

If what we see now in this country today is an example of what they consider better days; I hate to see it when the bad ones come around.

These fools can say what they want about Trump and possibly they are partially correct on some personal issues; but after he was elected everything he touched turned to gold and sky rocketed.

On the other side of the coin, everything J J touches turns to shit. BUTT just like a true narcissist would do; they put the blame on PDT.

Does this hit the fools right between the eyes or what??????

What are their ingenious plans on resolving these predicaments?? Raise taxes – print money dead more dead presidents and blame everything on who came before them. Is that a sweet OUT or what???

When do the conditions in the USA become the present administrations fault/responsibility?? One of them said years ago; THE BUCK STOPS HERE.

On top of it; going back some years, much of what we see are conditions that were created when J J was TMC’s Stooge and before. Let us not forget one VERY IMPORTANT fact;. In one capacity or another, J J, because of his positions in government he held for 50 years; he had a hand in many of the conditions we have today. All of these discrepancies did not just happen over night. It took years to get them to the point they are now; ready to erupt, all at once.


Jimmy Carter 2.0: Biden’s bundle of crises look increasingly like 1970s

During the Carter years, American consumers were forced to pay more for the price of basic goods

Possibly J J has big enough balls; he may try to put the blame on the peanut picking president.

Peanuts | Jimmy Carter

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