The honor system, hell no …… Bullshitting, hell yes

Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Costco say vaccinated customers don’t have to wear masks in stores

How many people that are not fully vaccinated are going to slip under the rug claiming they were and not wear a mask?? Millions. Honor system?? Fa-get-about-it!!

How many times has someone eaten in a restaurant and paid by the HONOR SYSTEM. They ate 5 steaks and drank 4 beers. When AXED what they had, they tell the cashier they had 2 steaks and 2 beers. It is human nature to be a bull shitter.

Personally; I think this was a political move/whore deal on J J’s part to take some of the heat off of his ass with all the complications he has created.

I say, continue to wear the masks for another few months. People are just getting used to them. Wearing the mask has brought us to this safe zone we are in and we do not want to blow it.

How many steaks did you have??????? I had one and a half a glass of beer.

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