It id tough call to make ….

Florida mom accused of ordering son to fight another child: report

Gensler allegedly told authorities that her son was being provoked throughout the day, the report said

It is a tough call to make as to how you raise your kids. If Johnny keeps getting the shit slapped out of him every day by the Bully Butch and does not defend himself, Johnny is in for a long life of being picked on and abused.

On the other hand, in this day and age of lawsuit and sissies, if Johnny retaliates and give Butch the Bully a good ass whipping with a ball bat, Butch’s bully parents are most probably going to take Johnny’s parents to court.

Back in the old days; most of the kids parents allowed the kids to settle their own differences. To my way of thinking, a good clean fist fight between kids is a healthy education. It is a very cruel world out there and without knowing and using the proper skills to defend ones self, Johnny and Judy become a target for every bully in the neighborhood.

Fast forward 40 years. We are now in the age of Shootem Ups. No longer do most people settle their difference using their hands, now it is, shoot them, stab them. It is a different day and age all the way around.

Like everything else in this complex world we live in; I don’t know the answer. I know what the answer should be, BUTT that is not always the way to everyone’s satisfaction.

Life is one gigantic learning experience. If a parent constantly intervenes in their kids affairs, trying to protect them, the kid never learns the real facts of life and the art of survival. A good old fashion ass whipping is good for the soul.

Years ago; a kid I knew was constantly getting slapped around by the neighborhood bully. Day after day the kid was taking a beating from the bully. One day the light went off in the kids head and he asked himself; what is the worst thing that can happen, as is stands I am getting beat up anyway.

The next time the kid saw the bully, he was the first one to attack and knocked the bully square on his ass. That was the last time the bully picked on him.

Folks; sometimes in life we have to take a stand, even if we get beat, we have to let them know we are there, or become the punching bag for the world. Let the kids settle their own scores, as long as it does not get out of hand.

I would recommend a GOOD Martial Arts School with a highly qualified teacher (more frauds out there than not). The results, if taught properly and studied properly are amazing. Discipline – confidence – self control – respect for other; the benefit are endless; best of all, the end to the bullies.

In the meantime; kids (boys and girls) have to learn how to deal with Butch the Bully. A swift kick in the nuts is always a good attitude adjuster. Leaves no evidence and the recipient is too embarrassed to admit he got his balls rung.

Who did you call a bitch??

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