The four letter word they really hate – WORK ….


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There are too many sons-a-bitches in this country that have entitlement tattooed on their forehead. They always have a 4 letter word that makes their skin crawl; the new one is WORK.

It is not totally their fault; I put a lot of blame o the government for aiding and abetting them.

The old story; give a fool a fish he will eat for a day; give a smart person a fishing rod and they will eat for life.

With all the time and money the government pisses away; why is it they can not set up multiple committees (that is what they do best) to go over the welfare books and demand that everyone on THE LIST who is not disabled, they must WORK (the 4 letter word) for their keep.

Like the Chinese say; no ticky not laundry!! They don’t work, they don’t get paid.

Will it piss off a lot of people initially?? Hell yes, BUTT we have to start somewhere. Complacency is killing the country.

I can tell them 1,000’s of jobs around the country that are in dire need of cleaning, repairing and fixing.

I know, the liberal idiots do not ant to piss off the fools that voted them into office. It is all a BFJ.

Tell me; what is one of the things a GOOD parent should teach their kids?? Be independent and self-sufficient. I did say a good parent. BUTT if that parent has been eating/mooching off of the welfare system all their lives, they play dumb like a fox and that is what they teach their kids.

Folks; get and handle on it. Inch at a time we are being driven deeper and deeper into the ground and the government is the main/principle offender.

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