What a phenomenal lady ….


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I could not agree with her more. Instead of the instigators preaching EDUCATION and harmony, they are constantly stirring the racial hatred pot.

If someone constantly has hatred pounced into their head from the day they are born; what are they expected to believe.

This is an example of how kids are taught from infancy to hate the USA. The same thing applies to kids in this country. If they are taught from when their heads pop into this world to hate the establishment; what the hell do you expect them to believe??

Are there nasty/low-down/rotten/despicable people in the world coming from all different races and backgrounds?? Absolutely, but they should be separated and exiled from the rest of us.

As Candice alluded to; there are elements in this country that DO NOT WANT PEACE. If there was peace, guys like Albert Sharpless and his kind (there are a multitude of them) may have to get a real job. Albert has been making a hell of a living keeping up his people pissed off for years.

The instigators as well as the offenders should be placed on an island in the middle of the ocean, issued all the wine and razor blades they want; in very short order, our problems will have resolved themselves.

Wishful thinking.

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