They re a big part of the problem ..

LeBron James regrets he ‘fueled wrong conversation’ about Ma’Khia Bryant

The NBA star drew backlash for a now-deleted Twitter message in which he called for prosecution of an Ohio police officer

I can’t count the times Lay-Bron ran his mouth about one thing or another, only having to do a Mea Culpa.

James, just like the guy he continually rolled boulders at, PDT; runs his mouth or his thumbs on twitter and says things he should not have. Fueling the fires.

It is great and a confidence builder when a person/people are told how great they are; but it is just as important to let them know when they are wrong.

What the hell do the celebs think the end result will be in stirring the pot? They blame PDT for firing up the rioters at the capitol, yet at the same times, they are doing the same thing with their hateful rhetoric.

I will acknowledge all the good James has done for THE COMMUNITY, he deserves to be complimented. On the other hand; he and his warriors have to start preach EDUCATION in place of DEMONSTRATION. Education brings about advancement and success in life; where demonstration, many times results in rioting.

I really don’t know if there is an answer to the racial tensions in this country; except starting over from scratch and DOING IT the right way. Naturally that is impossible. This violent way of life we have in the USA is getting worse everyday and definitely is adding to the demise of the country! Coupled with all of the other worsening conditions, the USA is on a downward slide and picking up speed. There are too many elements pulling in the wrong direction to do a 360.

Many time I compare the USA’s positions to that of the Roman Empire, once the mightiest empire in the world who thought they were invincible. With all of their abuse and arrogance, like the Titanic whose owners claimed, not even god can sink this ship, they pushed the limit of governing, acceptable human behavior and conduct, which eventually caused it’s collapse. Is that a carbon copy of where the USA is today?? I would say so. Only difference is, some of the men wore short skirts.

Men's Roman Soldier Tunic Costume

8 Reasons Why Rome Fell – in bold letters, my two cents

  • Invasions by Barbarian tribes. … immigrnts
  • Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor. … mismanagement of finances
  • The rise of the Eastern Empire. … China’s success
  • Overexpansion and military overspending. … This has been a problem for decades
  • Government corruption and political instability. … Rotten bastards running the country
  • The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes. … Terrorism
  • Christianity and the loss of traditional values. The lack of OLD SCHOOL values

Does any of this sound farmiliar?? If our way of life is not a carbon copy of the out of control Romans, I don’t know what is. Jesus Christ, it is like our history/destiny was written 2,000 years ago.

Possibly evolution is supposed to be this way. Take out the old dirty laundry and bring in the clean. Wipe the slate clean and start all over.

SOOOO; do the aggressive remarks made by celebs make a big difference?? I don’t know, BUTT one thing I do know, they sure as hell do not help.

To start with, I do not throw stones at James and all the other rebel rousers for what has happened to their race. BUT their own people were part of the equation. They do have a legitimate cause. They are just going about the resolution the wrong way. If they want to do or say constructive recommendations to your people, do the following. Cut out the crime – no crime not cops no cops, no abuse- take a good hard look at where you are and why you got there – admit you are partially at fault and do something to change it – preach education instead of retaliation.

Ask Tyler Perry how he got where he is. Not through reparation.

Tyler Perry – Wikipedia › wiki › Tyler_Perry

While Perry did not complete high school, he earned a GED. … In his early 20s, watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, he heard someone describe the …

Net worth: U.S $1 billion (September 2020 esti…

Years active: 1992–present

Children: 1Partner(s): Gelila Bekele (2009–2020)‎

Tyler Perry Studios · ‎List of awards and… · ‎Madea · ‎Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Tyler Perry » Tyler Perry’s Story › tyler › story

“My biggest success is getting over the things that have tried to destroy and take me out of this life. Those are my biggest successes. It has nothing to do with work.”.

On the other side of the fence (the establishment); they have to clean house and get rid of all the cop cowboys – the ones that do commit a crime, punish them to the fullest extent of the law – get the judicial system working the way it should be, be fair with all and swift with punishment – 20 years on death row is joke. Admit your shortcomings and change them – plus plus plus!!

This is not just a lot of hyperbole and should be taken seriously. I have not doubt that because of all the above mentioned and more; the USA IS going to take a NOSE DIVE just like the Romans did. Read the similarities.

The leaders of our country are too selfish/arrogant/corrupt to make any constructive changes without blowing trillions. Their answers are, print more money and raise taxes, taking the easy way out. Looking for practical solutions that will not put us under (we are already there) is AXING too much from these underworked over payed prima donnas.

What are the politicians best at??

It is a bitch trying to stay awake after a big lunch

Lay-Bron, to and your troops; start preaching education and help put out the fires of hatred. You broke Donald Trump’s balls for inciting; now I am breaking yours.

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