A lesson learned the hard and costly way …

Greg Gutfeld: Portland mayor learns bitter lesson of appeasing Antifa

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Ted Wheeler thought he could pet the crocodile, but got eaten alive

Teddy Boy; after he got his ass handed to him by the, as he called them, GENTLE/PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS, he had an awakening that the route he chose was not the right one. He better clew in his cousins up the street from him in Sea-little that being in bed with the dangerous crowd like that is not the smartest thing to do.

It is a good thing the light of reasoning finally went on in the hat hanger he has sticking of his neck. Because of his stupidity, liberal mentality, wanting to be part of the herd of the sheep jumping over the cliff, it has cost his city dearly.

We all make mistakes, but it take a SMART (SMART being the key word) person to see the errors of their ways, be person enough to admit it, make amends and carry on. For that I give Wheeler a lot of credit. Humble pie is hard to chew and harder to digest.

What is going to take for the other permissive parents (mayors & governors) to realize they made huge mistakes by allowing the renegades to go wild. They better act soon or there will have nothing left of their cities.

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