It was not her day …

California woman killed after man jumped from parking structure onto her, authorities say

Elinor Aspegren


A woman was killed when a man jumped off a parking structure and landed on her in downtown San Diego, authorities said.

Taylor Kahle, 29, was walking down the street on the evening of April 25 when she was hit by a falling object. Kahle was hit and killed instantly by an unidentified man who committed suicided and unfortunately took an unsuspecting person to the grave with him.

Two seconds sooner or two seconds later ….

Life is precious and should be lived and enjoyed to it’s fullest extent. Like Taylor Kahle; there are no guarantees and we never know who or what is going to fall out of the sky and put us in Boot Hill.

I have always maintained; if we had a crystal ball, we may not want to look in it.

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