We all have our priorities – Joe who???

Kamala Harris to visit Milwaukee on Tuesday: reports

The Wisconsin city will become the vice president’s latest non-border destination

On Wednesday night, the vice president received a new assignment from Biden: to help advance the American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion proposal to upgrade the nation’s infrastructure.

I would say upgrading the country’s infrastructure is a great cause/undertaking, a long time coming and something the country needs desperately. BUTT in this day and age of electronic communication, I would think issues like this can be just as effectively conducted AND A HELL OF A LOT CHEAPER (for almost nothing) over the wire; unlike the boarder issues that require a hands on approach. What do you think Car-mella???

Government officials are so used to intercoursing the canine by holding their meetings in lavish hotels and eateries, not to mention the plane and limo fares, they do not want to change their routine. They have have been catered to and pampered too long. Times have changed fools, time to change with it. Sad to say; I do not see that happening.

Not to mention the cost of carting the politicians ass around all over the world. Electronic communications should be a mandatory/standard procedure.

One of the most outrageous/incomprehensible conditions of our government, the bastards make the laws they live by. Times have changed fools, time to change with it.

I know I am pissing up a rope, but I am trying.

Back to Car-mella: what are Car-mella’s priorities, beside herself?? She certainly was in the right place at the right time. I can think of dozens of ladies from many different races and backgrounds that would be more dedicated and suitable for her job.

In corporate America; if the president of any company (if they had any balls) assigns the V P a mission and the V P ignores the order; they get their ass fired.

Kamala Harris Again Says She Has No Plans to Visit U.S. …

Despite what J J tells/orders Car-mella to do:

https://www.newsweek.com › … › United States

Apr 14, 2021 — Despite an onslaught of criticism from Republicans and calls to travel to the scene of the U.S. migration crisis, Harris said top aides have been …

That was two weeks ago.

Who is the boss anyway??

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