Benedict Arnold ?????

Calls for John Kerry to be investigated for what he told Iran

Pro-Israel group wants Kerry to be subpoenaed by Congress

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a leaked audiotape, claimed that while Kerry served as America’s top diplomat during the Obama administration, he discussed more than 200 operations that Israel had carried out in Syria against Iranian targets. He said that he was astonished at the revelations.

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Benedict Arnold – Wikipedia › wiki › Benedict_ArnoldBenedict Arnold (14 January 1741 [O.S. 3 January 1740] – 14 June 1801) was an American military officer who served during the Revolutionary War. He fought with distinction for the American Continental Army, rising to the rank of major general, before defecting to the British side of the conflict in 1780.

They could be cousins

An observation I had way back when TMC and Kerry were on their knees trying to work out a deal with Iran; no matter what the cost. Whose side were/are they on anyway??

Before Kerry left on his mission, TMC (Obama) told Kerry not to come back to the USA if he did not have an agreement in hand from Iran. Soooo; Kerry bought a dozen pair of knees pads before he left on his ass-kissing mission and wore them all out. He did come back with an agreement, but at what cost.

There was absolutely nothing the Iranians asked for/demanded that they did not get. To me, that is not a mutual agreement; it was a give-away.

It does not surprise me in the least that Kerry, as part of his capitulation gave Iran sensitive information about Israel.

So I ask the question again; whose side were/are they on anyway?? This is not a trick or hard question to answer folks. Look at the evidence and come to your own conclusion. You know what my answer is.

Shots like this are not the only questionable/illegal/suspect whore deals TMC made with his cousins in Iran.

Pallet of Cash

If Kreepy Kerry is the equivalent of Benedict Arnold, what does that make TMC?

I think all of these revelations about corrupted public officials are bullshit. I have yet to see anyone of them be held accountable. They rule and break the laws with impunity. Why should they be concerned about being held accountable when there are never any repercussions.

If by chance they are subpoenaed; they either do not show up, take the fifth 200 times, refuse to answer any questions. It is easy as that – case closed.

Will Kreepy Kerry or TMC ever be tried as traitors to the USA?? Don’t hold your breath.

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