The far left is despicable ….

Civil rights attorney: The far left ‘has declared war on White Americans and police officers’

Fox News Media Signs Civil Rights Lawyer, Podcast Host Leo Terrell to  Contributor Role | TVNewser

Leo Terrell says alleged ‘systemic racism’ doesn’t exist in Baltimore or Chicago, whose mayors are Black.

“They talk about racism. I’m a civil rights attorney. I know what systemic racism is. It does not exist in Chicago, and Los Angeles, and Baltimore,” he said. “When the people running the show are Black people and Brown people, chief of police, they only play the White officer card against a Black victim.”

I don’t know if I totally agree with Terrell. I do believe that there is a degree of favoritism from time to time.

Where the real problems exists is with fools like LaBron James who is doing very little to help extinguish the racial fires.

During the interview, fellow guest Candace Owens remarked that otherwise respected figures like Los Angeles Laker player LeBron James help “propagate a lot of these lies” — adding that the 36-year-old lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion in a majority White neighborhood and is protected by security and police officers while publicly condemning them.

“Police officers are constantly surrounding him and yet he puts out this lie. President Trump is correct to call LeBron James racist and not only that, he doesn’t care about Black people.”

People that are supposed to care about their fellowman should not incite them into rioting and breaking the law. James has had a hard on for Trump since day one and never let off. He would criticize Trump for firing up the troops with his rhetoric and James does exactly the same thing.

If James and the rest of his SQUAD are so hyped up on putting out the fires; why are they not stressing EDUCATION over violence? EDUCATION will be the only solution to peace, IF, and I say IF it will ever prevail.

Let us take away the police protection from all the far left/high-flying celebs and see how long before they have a change in heart about bad rapping all the cops and defunding them.

I do not have any idea how long the racial thing is going to linger in the USA. One thing I do know; IF, and I said IF, everyone concerned doesn’t put their heads together and work toward a common goal; we will never see the light of day.

What I would like to see is, our government spend some of the trillions they piss away on frivolous issues and taking care of others first; by spending it on workshops and EDUCATING the young. The sooner they learn how to live in harmony (that means all races) the sooner we will make a difference.

From time to time, it is inevitable there will still be situations that get out of control on all sides of the fence, but should be dealt with on an individual basis. If we keep talking about what happened last week – last month or 250 years ago; we might as well throw in the towel now and give up.

As we should never ask the Jewish people to forget what Hitler did to them; we should never ask the black people to forget slavery. Just put it in the closet and shut the door. It is history and should never be forgotten can’t ever be changed, but we should learn from the past and never let history repeat itself.

EDUCATION is the only key.

I would like to see James and his SQUAD acknowledge and give the credit due to all of the good cops that have protected them through the years.

Just like there are some nasty people in the police force, there are some nasty people in every race.

It should be the responsibility of the judicial system to enforce the laws and deal with these fools appropriately.

Lead by example, not hatred. It is counter-productive.

I don’t really know if James and other like him realize the influence they have on people. The slightest innuendo/suggestion can fire off some nut case, no telling what they will do.


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