My cousins in Ab-a-lama have their stuff all together ..

Alabama Gov. Ivey signs ban on transgender athletes

Supporters say transgender girls have an unfair advantage in competition; critics call the ban discriminatory

How the boys on the block would respond to the foolish discriminatory observation;?? Your Ma Ma wears combat boots.

My Daddy told me years ago; never date a girl that can bench-press more than you can. I am afraid that may be the case with a lot of the transgenders athletes competing with the opposite sex. .

I really don’t care if they had some or all of the plumbing removed or adjusted; the fact of the matter is they still have the strength they were born with and it is unfair for them to compete with A NATURAL GIRL!!

WTF has the common-sense gone to in this world when we have off-the-wall-thinkers as we do?? Rule of thumb: If it does not make common-sense, than the case should be closed.

In most of the cases; regardless of what some common-sensed person says to the off-the-wall-thinkers; if they say it is white, the thinkers will say it is black. If we say it is black, they will swear on their Grandmammy’s grave stone it is white. They have no common-sense whatsoever.

Is it conceivable they really believe in what they profess; or are they that pathetic they will disagree just to show their stupidity and arrogance?? I say it is door # 2.

If society is going to really go off the deep end; why not shit can gender athletics all together and have it fall under one umbrella?? Following my own advice; that does not make sense, so it should not exist.

Possible that is too deep for some of the Deep-Thinkers!!

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