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Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC)

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So a brilliant young man approaches me as I’m in my patrol car and says “S*#&. All I’ve seen you do on this block is walk up and down then sit in your car then walk up and down again. Don’t you have real police work to do?” So I replied “Has anyone been shot or stabbed on this block, (one of the most dangerous ones in my area mind you) in the past three hours?” He said “Well… no but…” I think he got the point. Everyone who is not a cop keeps trying to tell me how to do my job. Clearly I’m doing a better job than he would. He would abandon people on a block riddled with crime. I’m staying right here. The “sit down technique” works folks. I’m keeping people safe. That’s police work.


Not only should the cops not be told how to be a cop; but allow them to perform their job the way they have been trained. Take the handcuffs off of them.

How many of you would want that thankless job?? Not me!! They are a sitting duck for every crazy bastard/lunatic out there that thinks they have an axe to grind with law enforcement.

Support you men and ladies in blue. They are the last element in our salvation and safety.

A big Semper Fi to officer Deon Joseph and all of the other dedicated cops out there. There definitely are millions of us out here that appreciate your service.

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