Could the cop have used his taser????

Columbus police release bodycam footage, identify officer in fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant: What we know

One of the biggest question I have; why don’t the cops use their tasers more often than they do??


When a Taser is fired from a distance, prongs or darts connected by wires are discharged at a person. In those cases, Tasers have a reliable range of about 10 feet, Professor Kenney said, but beyond that, their effectiveness in hitting a target becomes spotty. Apr 14, 2021

It would be safe to say; anyone who is 10 feet away from anyone is not a real threat with a knife or a ball bat. If they have gun, it is a different story.

We would think – we would think – we would thing; based on current conditions and COMMON-SENSE, the cops SHOULD BE instructed to use their tasers more often. Is it a matter of not being able to react under pressure?? If so, they do not belong in a blue uniform and carrying a gun.

Just like the female cop the other day that SUPPOSEDLY mistook her gun from her taser and shot a suspect. I may buy into that excuse if the weapons were both on the same side of her body. They were not. If this is their case, this female should have NEVER been sworn in as a cop.

GRAPHIC: Minnesota officer meant to draw Taser, not … – KCBD › 2021/04/12 › protests-erupt-after…

Apr 13, 2021 — … a Black man was fatally shot during a traffic stop said Monday that he believes the officer who fired intended to use a Taser, not a handgun.

The fact still remains, the person is dead, whether it was supposedly an accident or not. That is not acceptable. The CONFUSED cop should have never been allowed to wear the uniform.

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