#Stupidity comes at a #huge-price …..

Liz Peek: Biden’s weak poll numbers – here’s why many Americans unhappy with president, radical policies

Deeper dive into the numbers suggests support for the president is lukewarm

Depending on who you talk to, I would classify J J’s performance not as lukewarm, BUTT pathetic/sickening to disastrous.

Between starting with shutting down the gas line (he shut the gas line and opened the boarder gates) opened the boarder gates/the gates of hell – put up many of the immigrants in hotels that will cost he taxpayers billions – disregarding the plight of his own people to service other -has allowed Car-Mella to ramrod the shit out of him – screwing up relations with the Middle East – calling The Judo Guy a killer – tell me WTF has this fool done right??

Metaphorical Thanksgiving dinner: It took PDT four years to develop (cook an outstanding banquet) and took J J and his bosses to demolish (devour) it in a matter of a few months. Best part; he is just getting started.

Fools like J J (Jokin Joe) seem to have lost the concept of what being a politician SHOULD BE all about. A politician’s first and utmost obligation is to act in the best interest of ALL the citizens. They are not supposed to settle scores or do a GET-BACK or seek revenge.

The truly sad part of J J’s presidency; he is not only getting back at Trump; his unexplainable actions are hurting the fools that voted him into office. What a kick in the nuts/stomach that is.

Where will this end?? Like a Merry-go-round; around and around it goes, where it will stop nobody knows. From what I can see, it is not going to be a pleasant ride for anyone.

Just wait until Car-Mella is siting in The Big Chair and Nasty Nan is her right hand bitch!! Then you will really see some fire works. It would not surprise me, at this rate of dissension, if this group of stooges gets us into a world war. They say that PDT was rough around the collar; these fools have no diplomacy what-so-ever.

It would be interesting to see how many misinformed/foolish/lied to people would love to take back their X and put it in the other box.

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