Stone cold BITCH …..


Maxine Waters goes to Minnesota, calls for anti-police crowd to ‘get more confrontational’

Is this the same Wicked Witch of the East that called for lynching PDT for egging on the rioters at the Capitol?? I would say; turnaround us far play!!

I can’t help but wonder; if Maxine was being assaulted, who would she call for help?

Demonstrate yes; I think they have a good cause. Rioting no, it never resolves anything.

In many cases the shooting or killing has not been justified. BUTT on the other hand, the vast majority of the shootings have been crime related. Now because of fools like Maxine; every-time a cop looks at a black person sideways, they want to make an issue out of it. We have to ALL come to a happy medium. The majority of cops are good people trying to make a difference

Except for a very few of the black notable people like Herschel Walker and Danzel Washington trying to promote EDUCATION instead of violence, many act like they do not have an in-house problem. Instead, we have rebel-rousers like Mush-mouth Waters stirring up the shit pot.

I really have to take the side of the black people demonstrating for getting abused the way they are. Butt on the other hand, they have to take drastic steps to curtail the violence in the communities.

This is the place, her 4.5 million dollar mansion the Old Battle-axe slithers into to every-night after she spent all day bad rapping the wealthy, especially the whites. Do we really think she give a shit about the black community?? It all revolves around, like so many other politicians; when they exit the backdoor to retirement, how much will they leave with.

In my opinion Waters is doing nothing but inciting a riot. There are laws against that. She and anyone else that engages in that activity should be punished accordingly.

As long as we have fools like Waters pouring gasoline on the fire- as long as the black community continues to avoid taking responsibility for their part -as long as there are rouge cops that get their rocks off abusing and shooting people – as long as we have a government that spends billion on meetings and appointing Czars to correct the problem – as long as we have reprobate continue to pour gasoline on the racial fires – as long as we do not EDUCATE all people in this country on how to behave as human-beings; we are NEVER going to crawl out of deep dark hole we have dug for ourselves.


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