Taking this boy to the cleaners ……

Robert De Niro struggling to keep up with wife’s ‘thirst for Stella McCartney’: divorce lawyer


It seems that the Aging, Raging Bull has his back against the wall trying to keep up with his, (soon to be he hopes) ex-old lady spending habits that are taking his ass to the cleaners.

According to his lawyer; The Taxi Driver may have to go back to driving a taxi to off set some of his debt.  He has been working himself to death trying to keep up with his estranged wife’s extravagant lifestyle — including her “thirst for Stella McCartney” and $1 million-plus diamond rings, his lawyer claimed in court Friday.

I wonder if his lawyer is giving him any financial slack. Don’t bet on it.

Grace Hightower’s lawyer, ( the name fits her to a T with her high priced life style) Kevin McDonough, argued that since filing for divorce in 2018, De Niro has unfairly continued to cut the amount of money he has been sending his estranged spouse, including involving her credit-card expenses, going from $375,000 a month to just $100,000 monthly as recently as January. This broad is really breaking it off in his ass. 375,000.00$ a month. WTFDSB???

On one of her shopping binges, the old girl paid (or should I say Bobby paid) 1.2 million for a diamond ring. Hightower was spending money faster than a runaway train. In 2019, she had spent a total of $1.67 million. I must admit she has good taste, except for her choices in husbands.

I have a solution for Bobby, BUTT I don’t think he has the balls to do it. He should get on bended knee, ring up Donald Trump and AXE for a boost. BUTT based on their recent relationship; I would say he is pissing up a rope.

Can we conclude; what goes around, comes around??

There is no denying the man is a tremendous actor, possibly one of the all-time best. BUTT anyone that disgraces themselves and their country as he did should not look for sympathy or help from anyone. The performance he put on that night was disgraceful.

If it gets rough enough; Bobby can put on a disguise, sit outside one of his restaurants with a tin cup in his hand to make a few extra dollar$.

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According to Forbes; in 2020 Bobby owned 46 restaurants. It is safe to say he is not missing any meals.

Luxury restaurant chain backed by Robert De Niro received over a dozen PPP  loans | Fox Business

De Niro, who’s worth an estimated $500 million, co-founded the swanky Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant in 1994. Along with his co-founders — celebrity chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa and film producer and entrepreneur Meir Teper — the actor owns 46 restaurants and 13 luxury hotels across the world. He is still crying the blues.

Would we expect PDT to accept any of his calls for financial assistance?? Not anytime soon.

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Are you talking to me Goomba???

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