RCS – Two in one workout machine

Introducing the (RCS) Recumbent Conversion Stand

With this one-of-a-kind patented RCS, in seconds, turn your #recumbent #bike into a #multipurpose piece of #exercise-equipment.

Naturally, we have the conventional way of using the bike for a lower body workout. To make the switch in less than 5 seconds, simply left and tilt back the front end of the bike and place it in the stand. It is very lite so a younger person can use it.

The RCS is tremendous for cardio workout, focusing on the #upper-body-conditioning – #shoulders – #arms – #back – #neck – #stomach in a #multitude of other areas.

Place your chair or stool close to the stand – sit in a good upright position – grasp the pedals of the bike, hold securely, and start pumping in a circular motion. One of the advantages, the circular motion can be done in opposite directions.

Start slowly or do as much as you can tolerate. Gradually increasing your repetition and sets as you get stronger and become more adapted to be motion.

If you make the RCS part of your #everyday-routine, in no time you will see dramatic results.

Staying healthy takes #dedication, #hard-work and #consistency to #achieve your #goal.

Seeking #partnership to bring my #patented #RCS to #market or #license it – it will be a real winner.

CONTACT – thegoombagazette@gmail.com

Look at what the RCS did for me.

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