Looks like Bill Boy is coming around …..

Maher praises DeSantis, knocks Cuomo, ‘liberal media’ for getting COVID wrong: ‘Those are just facts

In his closing monologue Friday night, Maher took aim at the media’s “panic porn” during the pandemic, citing a Dartmouth study showing that “nearly 90 percent” of U.S. national media coverage was negative in comparison to other countries even as conditions were getting better.

Usually the guy that bad mouths the shit out of everybody on the right is leaning more right than left. Lately, it seems to me that Bill Maher may have seen the light and is using some sense instead of being an idiot like the rest of the panic-monger lefters. To me that is encouraging.

It has been the rule, not the exception the left will shoot-down anything the other side comes up with, regardless of how senseable or beneficial it is. Lately, Maher has taken a more common-sense approach.

The HBO star slammed ‘blue states’ for keeping schools closed despite minimal health risks to children and put the bad rap on the beleaguered Andy (I will not resign) Boy Cuomo.

In my opinion everyone wanted to be the hero and come up with the magical cure to Covid-19 overnight, BUTT no one wanted to wear the jacket if they were wrong. They did and said things guessing at what the solution was that made matters worse.

Right should be right and wrong should be wrong, no matter who says or does it. No matter how ridiculous or ass-a-9 as situation may be, just to be in with the in crowd, the sheep will follow their ignorant leaders over the cliff without any forethought.

Sheep LED Off Cliff

It renews my faith in mankind to see Maher go against the grain when he feels he should.

Take the bull by the horns and be your own person. You will love yourself in the morning!!!

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