Skating on thin ice …

Media critics erupt after Russia bounty story fizzles: ‘Nonsense from the beginning’


Natasha Bertrand@NatashaBertrand·

NEW: Senior admin official tells reporters that the US intel community still only has low-moderate confidence in the intel about Russia placing bounties on US/coalition troops in Afghanistan, and for that reason none of today’s public actions against Russia are a response to that

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible that this is an accurate report or is The Judo Guy is busting J J’s balls/testing his metal for running his mouth and calling him a killer?? I would not say that neither scenario is out of the question. People like Putin have a very thin skin, don’t take kindly to be called a killer and have a nasty way of getting back. I say J J’s is putting the USA on thin ice.

2. Or did some nitwit start a sick rumor like this to get their rocks off. If so, they have a very twisted mind. Scuttlebutt like this can get a war started.

Discretion is the better part of valor. The old saying is; if you would not say it their face, don’t say it at all. I doubt if J J has the nuts. At some point in time, the two men are going to meet and I can expect it will not be a very pleasant one.

J J is running true to form. At one time he threatened to kick Trumps ass. No telling what will come out of his pie hole. J J is a dangerous guy in more ways than one.

  1. Biden Once Again Threatens to Beat Up President Trump ……This isn’t even vaguely the first time Biden has threatened President Trump. He thinks he’s ‘tough guy Joe’ as opposed to ‘average Joe.’ At a campaign stop just weeks ago, Biden told supporters he “can take a punch” when it comes to criticism of his family.

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