Mary Mary quiet contrary …..

Mary Carey, former porn star, running for California governor as Newsom faces recall

Way not an ex-stripper/porn star or even a trained monkey?? Could either of them do a worse job than Newsome?

Former porn star is throwing her bra and panties into the ring for California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s seat that hopefully, for the Californiaiest sake will soon be vacated. Maybe – Maybe – Maybe, she can bring a little sanity back to the state.

Mary Carey - Scandal Planet
I have to forewarn you, she has a way of being a little absent minded, that I am sure will not bother the voters

If the lady wins and things get a little dull/stagnant around the California Casa Bianca, she can always put on a little performance for the troops.

The old saying is; we should always strive to move up in life and not backwards. With that in mind, the voters in Calif are better off with a porno queen as governor than an insane street walker. Just an opinion.

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